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Friday, 16 Nov 2018


The company "Importhelp" carries out transportation of goods from any country by sea, road and air transport. Deliver cargoes of any size, but one of the least important services our company is the transportation of cargoes from Asia, particularly Korea, Taiwan and Turkey.

Of these countries, the most popular and the best mode of transportation - it cargoes in containers.
Shipping and customs clearance of goods delivered to the customer's warehouse is performed within 40-45 days from the date of shipment.In case you need to get a load in a short period of time or you have a "hot" order - delivery cargo by air transport. The cargo is delivered and are cleared within 3-4 days.This is a more expensive way to transport than road transport or sea transport, but also the fastest way to deliver, especially large or dangerous goods.

The benefits of this service:

- Delivery “door-to-door"

- Delivery to any city in Ukraine

- Payment upon execution of the service

- Monitoring the movement of goods, the message delivery status

- Consolidation of shipments from any vendor

- Pay only for the space occupied in the container

- Weekly ship outputs (if transportation by sea)

- Plane flights every 2 days

The cost of shipping and customs clearance of cargoes is calculated individually, depending on the product’s group, volume, weight and other factors.


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