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Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018


Consulting - the activities of special companies, is to advise the producers, sellers, buyers on a wide range of issues of economy, finance, foreign economic relations, the establishment and registration of companies, research and forecasting market for goods and services innovation.

Consulting - translated formal counseling. And actually kind of intellectual services, which is linked to solve complex business issues.

Consulting companies can be specialized by line of consulting activities. Consulting can be to prepare a package of constituent documents for the creation of new organizations.

A separate activity of "Importhelp" is the advice of foreign economic activity, that is, information support to clients on all matters relating to the purchase of goods abroad, selling goods abroad, customs clearance and transportation of goods, etc.

Our experts are always ready to assist both companies are just starting out, already has experience and training in foreign trade activities.

Our team of professionals provides:

- Professional advice on logistics in the field of export and imports

- Analysis of the financial liquidity of the alleged business partner

- Preparation and approval of foreign trade contracts

- Individual development schemes of Foreign Trade

- Calculate the cost of shipping goods, to develop the most profitable delivery schemes

- Reports on marketing research of various world markets products

- Information about the exhibitions taking place in the world

- Selection of the HS product code

- Preliminary calculation of the cost of customs clearance

- Assist in the organization of foreign trade department in your company "from scratch"

- Selection of employees to work in the departments of: import, export, supply, foreign trade, logistics

- Conduct market research

Always happy to share our experience!

I'd love to be a trustworthy partner in the implementation and development of your business projects!

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